Here are a couple other recent paintings.

The first – the carrots on the blue wood background – I am not particularly pleased with it because I think the carrots look flat and dull.  But I am happy with the knife. Metallic objects are incredibly intimidating for me. Especially since I don’t use black paint – the most obvious way to make gray.  I’m also pretty happy with the blue wood background. At first I thought the background would be the easiest part of the paining but it turned out that getting an extremely vibrant blue of that hue and brightness was pretty challenging. One of my tubes of blue is almost that exact color – but it’s so concentrated that it looks almost black out of the tube. If I added white, it lost it’s intensity and looked kind of… chalky. Google and Youtube weren’t much help but I eventually figured it out.

So it’s not a painting I would show at artwalk but it was a good learning experience.

The other one – this mountain scene I am a little more fond of. Nothing overly impressive but unlike the carrots, there isn’t any one thing in the mountain scene that I really hate.