IMG_7468Photography and art is my way of documenting the amazing things I see and experience in life. I generally focus on nature because it allows me to pursue two of my passions simultaneously – nature and visual art.

Some things such as a sunset over a mountain range are large, dramatic, and obvious, while others are more subtle. The arrangement of fallen leaves in a stream or the spiral pattern inside a sunflower may seem insignificant at first glance, but upon closer inspection often reveal a complex and inspiring scene. The endless beauty and detail in the natural world are constant reminders that we exist for a purpose in an intentionally and thoughtfully designed world. My photographs are not merely to showcase my abilities, but of the amazing world and scenes God has created for us to enjoy.

Though I have traveled extensively, the images I take the most pride in are the ones that highlight the sometimes overlooked beauty of my home state of Missouri. I chose the name “Shortleaf” to represent my artwork after Missouri’s native Shortleaf Pine.

Personal History:

A native of the Joplin, Missouri area, I am the proud recipient of a BS Degree in Mass Media / Cinematography from Missouri State University and also studied Cinematography at NYFA in Los Angeles, California.

I have called many places home, but currently reside near Carterville, Missouri with my wife and three children.