About a year and a half ago I saw some tubes of oil paint on sale and bought them. Last weekend I finally decided it was time to give them a try. Considering I’ve only done one oil painting in my life and that was 12 years ago, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I do ok with acrylics but oils are a different ballgame.

oilpaint-4Here is the sky before I started texturizing it. I could have done it all nice and blendy looking, but I like paintings to look more like paintings and less like photographs.

oilpaint-3The mostly completed sky.

oilpaint-3I really struggled when it came time to put in the ground. It kept wanting to blend into the sky.

oilpaint-3A week later I came back and touched up the sky and added the trees. Not the world’s greatest oil painting but I’m happy with it!

Overall I really liked it, except for cleaning. On areas I want to blend, I like the fact that the paint takes weeks to dry. However on areas I don’t want to blend… well I haven’t really figured that out just yet. My solution was to start the painting and then finish it a week later. I have no idea how Bob Ross manages to make an entire oil painting with a background and foreground in 25 minutes.