judd woods framedWith my paintings I tend to start several all at once and then over the course of several days, weeks, or even months I will gradually work on which ever one suits my fancy as I have time. I often finish them all on the same day or at least within a few days of each other.

A few days ago I finished a batch of paintings and here is one based from a photograph I took while hiking with my daughter up to Judd Falls in Colorado. Today I decided to add a few extra touches to this and I’m glad I did. Something I have really struggled with is painting large clumps of foliage, especially when yellow is involved. Even though most of my tubes of yellow are marked as “opaque”, I have a very hard time getting them to cover over darker colors like I want.

While there are several things with this painting I would like to improve, overall I am pretty happy with it because I feel like I made some real strides forward in learning how to paint what I have in mind. Which is good because fall forest scenes are by far my favorite thing to paint, draw, and photograph.

I have been selling photography for several years now, but with my new website I am now starting to sell my ‘traditional’ art forms as well! You can click on the image for details on this particular piece.