Artsfest is this weekend so for anyone who enjoys pottery, photography, art, or just festivals in general – you should come up to Springfield. The past few days have been a flurry of excitement around the McCoy household doing some last minute preparations. I’ve been framing and matting lots of new prints to take in anticipation of selling at least a few of them!

Here are a few examples of my newest works:

A big 24x36 of a bug and some flowers.

One of my favs - a cool mountain stream. Note: Emma's coloring books sold separately.

And here is one for the ladies.

Another significant improvement over last year is that I have a tent with real sides so that when it pours rain my stuff won’t be ruined like last year. I decided to do a trial run of the new tent, but since it was raining and windy outside I thought I would try it inside. Funny how you think a room is really big until you try to setup an exhibition tent inside it.

While I did manage to get it assembled, I could not raise it up or attach the sides.