When I left work this afternoon I noticed some super rad clouds. Unfortunately they had mostly moved into the distance or dissipated by the time I made it home and got my camera out, but I still managed to get a pretty neat shot.


Allegedly these are called “lenticular mammatus” clouds and are extremely rare, though I can’t actually verify that either of those statements are true. Either way, some of the best examples of this unusual cloud formation were visible around Joplin back in 2005. Mammatus clouds are the clouds that resemble bubbles and often are associated with very severe or tornadic storms. Some brilliant mammatus were visible following the May 22 tornado in Joplin. Lenticular clouds are the dome shaped clouds that are most often seen around mountain tops.

I used a graduated ND filter to darken the sky for some extra ‘drama’ in the scene and selectively processed it for black and white.