I enjoy trying to capture small things in nature that we don’t often notice or pay attention to. Small moving subjects are extremely difficult to shoot because they are small, unpredictable and the depth of field in these shots is extremely shallow. I’ve shot many insects in the last couple years and here is my latest attempt, one of my better ‘bee’ shots I’d say.

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Bee’s tend to hop from flower to flower and don’t stay very long at each one. Chasing the bee from flower to flower is frustrating so I have concluded the best way to take their photo is to pick a flower and hope the bee comes to you.

I have yet to get a decent photo of a bee (or anything) in flight, but that is high on my list of photo “to-do’s”. I am thinking I may have to pre-set the focus and wait for a bee to not only come into the frame, but into the focal plane as well. Here is the ‘best’ in-flight shot I’ve managed to get so far:

This photo was just a matter a millimeters away from being a pretty cool shot. If the focus ring would have been adjusted just ever so slightly, or I would have waited an additional nano-second the bee would have been in perfect focus.