Bridget and I in front of our tents.

It is now May and Artsfest is officially over. In some ways I am glad to be done but in other ways I am already looking forward to the next festival if for no other reason than I enjoy spending part of 3 days with my dear friends Bridget and Andy.

This time around we made some significant improvements over Cider Days. The 3 biggest being that we each had own own space, new tents (with sides to protect our stuff from rain!), and I made some display panels from which I could hang some larger sized framed prints. I also brought more (and better) framed prints. I am still learning but this year was infinitely smoother than Cider Days. I was also excited to have won the “Best of Show 2D Category”. Personally I saw lots of other artists with stuff that I felt was far superior to mine, but nevertheless it was exciting and encourages me to keep doing it.

At any rate, Artsfest was a success and lots of fun in the process!!