I haven’t blogged or posted any photography in what seems like forever!  Life has been exceptionally busy the last few months, but mostly in a good way!  Last Sunday I was able to set aside a few hours and drag my kayak down to the creek for a quiet solo trip down to Stones Corner.  When I planned it I was really envisioning a cool fall day in the 60s with bright fall foliage but it seems summer just isn’t ready to go away just yet. Which was fine, it made the logistics of the trip much easier!

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season to be out on the water, or on a trail, or just out in general. I don’t often get to kayak in the fall so when I do I really enjoy it.


My usual put-in spot.  The water is still pretty low even though it has rained recently.




This is one of the more scenic stretches of the river. Tall bluffs with a dense canopy over the creek. It’s right before the takeout point so it’s always a nice way to finish!





Just an ordinary spot along the river, but still pretty nonetheless!


center-2016-fall-1Some of my favorite parts of the river are in the first mile down from the house. I particularly like this spot as well.