Thursday I took advantage of the nice weather after work and did some solo kayaking on nearby Center Creek. I haven’t been on Center Creek in a long time so it was nice to get out and revisit this old friend. It’s generally not known as a particularly scenic float stream and the water isn’t usually very clear unless it’s winter, but any river is a nice place to be, especially on such a beautiful afternoon. I actually prefer the stretch of the river from Old 66 down to the Kansas state line, just because I think the scenery is a little more interesting and the river seems to have more “rapids”, but I was short on time today so I did this shorter float upstream.

Here are a few photos from the float I thought were worth sharing:

center creek-1This was towards the beginning of the float, calm water, big blue sky!

center creek-6Something I particularly enjoyed on this trip was the mess of dogwoods and redbuds that were blooming along the parts of the creek that had bluffs or hillsides.

center creek-4Much of this section of the river is flanked with low bottomland woods and fields.

center creek-2There is a spot about halfway through the float where the river divides into a mess of smaller streams with tight bends that are prone to debris jams, so I never know what to expect when I get there. I had to get out and port around it, but it’s a pretty spot with a bunch of islands.

center creek-3Here is a black and white image of some tree canopy as I got closer to home.

center creek-5Another B&W, typical scenery along Center Creek on a nice afternoon.