barn in snow

A barn on old route 66 near Carthage, Missouri.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow and wintry weather this year. I would like to say I’ve taken advantage of it and got lots of snow photos, but that really isn’t the case. I did however snap this shot of a barn in snow the other day on my way into town. I drive past this barn a lot and often think it’s worthy of a photo, but the scene has never quite been right. I guess the snow was the tipping point to finally get me to stop!

What I think is interesting about this barn is that it seems to have an interesting balance of upkeep and neglect. Structurally it seems to be in pretty good shape, however it’s almost totally overgrown with vines. When the leaves are out, there really isn’t even much barn to see.

Here are the camera settings for those of you who are interested:

32mm focal length
1/1250 sec at f/11
ISO 400
Graduated ND filter