Ian and I decided to climb a mountain… this particular one is just north of Upland, CA.
angeles national forest

Unfortunately this was a pretty smoggy day, so instead of seeing the city below, all we get is the inversion layer. None the less, the mountains and the Angeles National Forest was a very beautiful setting in which to spend the day.


angeles national forest - waterfall

This was a very cool waterfall. I am really not sure where the water was coming from, it hadn’t rained since I had been out there, and there certainly wasn’t snow.


Ryan McCoy - climing

I have never been so tired as I am in this photo. Luckily the summit was almost within view. It just seemed to keep getting farther away.


ryan mccoy - mt san antonio

Finally, the summit. From this point you can look to the north into the Mojave Desert to the towns of Hisperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley. To the south (when the smog is not present you can see the many cities of the "Inland Empire" region of Los Angeles.


ryan mccoy - mount baldy

During the summer it is not uncommon for the daytime high temperature to be in the 110’s on the north side of the range, and in LA to the south, a high in the mid 70’s.


angeles national forest

My knees were pretty well shot by the time we came back down. This was a beautiful day in the mountains. I can’t decide what I love more about LA, the mountains or the beach. Perhaps its the combination of the 2.