Ian and I decided to spend the take on a monstrous adventure to find 6 geocaches located all over southeastern Missouri. We left well before sunrise and got back well after dark. It was a very fun day, but I was exhausted.
11 Point River Missouri
Early morning view, overlooking
the 11 Point River in Oregon County, MO.

Ian Cahill - Oregon County, Missouri
This was probably the best geocaches I have ever found. It was hidden in the top of this large rock cliff Ian is standing next to.

Ryan McCoy, Ian Cahill, Mark Twain National Forest
We stopped for lunch in a little pine grove alongside the highway. I had a terrible
taco lunchable. It was so gross I still have nightmares about it.

Taum Sauk Mountain
We still had 3 caches to go as the sun made its way into the far reaches of the western sky. Luckily all 3 were scattered about the woods below, but each one was over a mile apart.

Mina Sauk Falls
Mina Sauk Falls, the tallest waterfall in Missouri, I think it’s about 120 feet from top to bottom. I never knew about this waterfall and was very glad to be able to see it.

Ryan McCoy
I stand proud, having made it to the top of these rocks.

Ryan McCoy, Ian Cahill, Matt Wilson, Wilcat Mountain
We found the final cache of the day, and under and hour of sunlight left – we knew it was going to be a chore getting back to the car. We had to hike down Wildcat Mountain, and then back up Taum Sauk Mountain, a distance of over a mile through the air and over 2000ft of elevation change.

Ryan McCoy, Taum Sauk Mountain
I proclaim that I have now been to the highest point in Missouri. This view is facing northeast, towards to town of Ironton, MO.