This past weekend was a big milestone… my youngest daughter’s introduction to a staple of Missouri life…the float trip! We went along with a group of my family and even a few cousins for a nice leisurely float down the lower part of the James River near Galena, MO.

I like kayaking the James River a lot. It isn’t as clear or as spectacular as many of the streams that the Ozarks are known for, but it’s none the less a beautiful river with some nice scenery (including this huge arch). It’s also a great river to introduce the kiddos to kayaking since it doesn’t have any precarious rapids or obstructions and is clear enough that they can observe fish swimming around the boat. If you are lucky, you may see some 5 foot long paddlefish!

Eily enjoyed leaning over the edge, looking into the water and dragging her hand through the nice cool water.

We stopped for lunch at this nice spot under a tall bluff.

For some reason I really like floating through spots like this, where the water is fairly shallow but swift, with aquatic grasses lining the edge of the stream.

Some more bluffs along the river.

With temps topping out around 80 it was a perfect day for kayaking. Warm enough to not be cold, but never hot. It was a great day!