The other day Jimmy-Jack bought a new fancy digital trail-cam… which is a motion acivated camera in a weatherproof camo container. I’ll just let the photos tell the story.

Here we have jimmy setting the camera in place.

7:11 pm: A white-tail deer, nothing out of the ordinary.

8:37 pm: Aww, a momma deer with a spotted bambi.

2:56 am: A deer caught enjoying a late night snack.

3:31 am: Bison enters the scene…WHAT?!?!?

3:40 am: Yep…definitely an American Bison (aka buffalo).

I really have no explanation for this. I know these used to roam this area, but I thought they were now confined to Prarie State Park, which is about 45 miles north of here. Where did it come from? And more importantly, where did it go?