grandfallsLast Sunday after church we all decided to enjoy the unusually nice weather and head out to a neat Joplin spot known as ‘the falls’. It’s Missouri’s largest continually flowing waterfall and kind of reminds me of a miniature Niagara Falls. It’s loud, wide, and the spray can be felt from quite a distance away. Missouri has other waterfalls that are much taller, but they don’t always flow year-round.

It seems like the type of feature that would be found in a state park, but instead it’s just a random spot along a road on the south side of town. Sure, it’s a popular hangout, but otherwise seems fairly neglected. There isn’t really a formal parking area, or any signs identifying the falls. Which strikes me as odd considering how awesome it is. Personally, I think it would make an awesome park if redeveloped in a different way.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun and scenic spot to go hang out and relax for awhile.