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After about 12 weeks of drought, the skies opened up in spectacular fashion. While the rain is too late for all my dead trees, the clouds and lightning were certainly worth getting excited about. Although the clouds almost have that fake cheezy HDR look, it is not because i processed the image. In fact I did virtually nothing to this image aside from sharpening a bit.

For those interested…
Exposure: 4sec @ f/4, ISO 200
Focal Length: 24mm

tstorm-iphoneThe small photo to the right isn’t nearly as good, but I felt like I had to post it because it’s not every day you capture lightning with a camera phone.

I find it interesting that I took only 3 shots with my phone (with one hand I might add) and got lightning (33%). I took 88 shots with my Canon and captured lightning in only 3 of them (3.5%). Maybe I should use a phone more often!