After the worst summer since I’ve been alive, me and my trees are left battered and bruised. The losses due to the heat and drought have been substantial. Some of them are my own fault because they really aren’t supposed to live here in the first place…Fir, Sugar Pine, Hemlock, Aspen, Paper Birch….all dead. About 80% of my White Pines, generally considered a good pine for this area are dead and so most of the Spruces are as well.

Amidst the rubble there are a few noteworthy survivors. This aspen (pictured at top), the only one still alive out of the 14 Aspens I planted is not only alive but rather healthy. I have determined it must just be a freak of nature.

Also alive and well are the Loblolly and Shortleaf (yay!) Pines. Not only are they not dead, but they don’t even appear stressed. Interesting how the native pine is the only one unharmed by this particularly brutal summer. I am not sure whether the tree pictured is a Shortleaf or Loblolly…they are nearly identical.

It is also encouraging that most of the CRP trees seemed to be doing well, but again, those are all natives so big surprise.

In spite of this hefty setback, I will continue to plant trees of all varieties in mass quantities about the farm and I imagine I will continue to try to get trees of more northerly persuasion to grow here as well.