I’ve taken a lot of share-worthy photos over the last few days, so rather than just dumping them all in one fat post, I’ll spread them over a few days.

Here is my latest astro-photo. I think it’s interesting to see the detail in the craters near the terminator (the line between night and day) and the glow from the slight haze in the sky adds a nice effect as well. The technical aspecs… I used a 300mm zoom lens, set the camera to RAW and manually focused. The moon is fairly bright so you don’t need a long exposure, but a tripod is still essential.

Aside from that there really isn’t much to talk about a moon photo other than the term “terminator” is used by Tom Hanks in one of my favorite movies, Apollo 13. I remember when I watched that movie I felt cool because I knew what he was talking about. Though come to think of it, I’m not sure “cool” would be quite the right word.