California’s Giant Sequoias National Park is probably my favorite place I’ve ever been. I went once with mom and dad came to visit me when I resided in LA. This time I just happened to find some cheap plane tickets so I decided to visit again, even though it was winter and half the park was closed. Turns out winter is a very cool time to visit if you feel like being adventurous and alone and don’t mind missing some parts of the park.

sierra pelona snow pyramid lake
The Sierra Pelona Mountains just north of LA with a rare snowfall around Pyramid Lake. Snow fell even in parts of Malibu.

morrow rock
This is the big rock that me, mom, and Poco climbed a few years back. The road up to is closed in winter so we couldn’t get up to it this go around.

At first this looks like any other mountain forest. But if you look closely you can see 2 people…the specks just to the left of the larger tree on the right. The snow drifts at the base of the tree are about 20′ high.

Normally this tree is fenced off, but when the park is nearly deserted and the snowpack is several feet above the top of the fence… you can take a pic right next to this giant!

Followed some ski tracks back to this grove of trees.

The winding road up into the giant forest from the valley below.