I have a special place in my heart for Sugar Creek State Park. It consists of just one trail, and no particularly noteworthy scenic features, yet I still like this place a lot. There isn’t any one reason I like it, rather a combination of several factors…

1 – It’s not terribly far from home, yet it’s pretty removed from civilization.
2 – It’s NEVER crowded.
3 – The road to get there (Big Sugar Creek Rd) is one of my favorite drives in the area.
4 – The first photo I ever sold was taken here.
5 – I like all the cool rock ledges and stream beds.

I have been wanting to do some fall photography of the streams here, but have found it fairly challenging given the short window that fall foliage is out and the fact that these streams seem to only run immediately following a substantial rain. Sunday was nice weather, with nice foliage, and it had rained a lot the night before so I took Emma and we went to scope out the situation.

This stream was almost totally dry still, but Emma loves trails like this that are full of rocks to jump and climb over:

Who says you have to go to the northeast to find stunning foliage?

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Not surprisingly Emma managed to find a way to get wet!

Not the epic fall creek photo I was hoping for, but it’s still nice:

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As it turned out, even with the heavy rain the night before, most of the rocky streams were still not flowing much. But it didn’t stop us from having an excellent time enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery!