With the cool weather marking the end of the leisurely floating season I was able to make one last kayaking run before the colder weather sets in. A friend from college joined me for the two day trip – the first time I’ve ever packed all my gear and camped along the river. Which presented some extra logistical challenges, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a fall float, but I quickly remembered why it’s definitely my favorite time to be out on the river! I was also glad to get to visit and photograph some places here in the Ozarks that have long been on my bucket list. Here are a few of my favorite shots!

11point-5Beautiful blue water, bluffs and the leaves are just starting to change color!

11point-4The remains of Turner Mill. Since it’s so old it seems cool and nostalgic instead of like a big rusty piece of junk. Funny how that works.

11point-3An awesome spring flowed from caves at the base of this bluff in several places, then cascaded down the hillside. It was completely awesome!

11point-2I love the super blue and clear water where you can see patterns of various types of rocks and plants on the bottom.

11point-6We camped in a densely forested area with an understory of Maples, with tall Pines above those.

11point-7It got down into the low 40s, but that didn’t keep us from getting out on the water the next morning. Paddling through the early morning mist was almost surreal!

11point-8Boze Spring, a deep pool of bright blue water with a surface smooth as glass. I was tempted to jump in because it looked so inviting!

11point-9It’s always fun to float through sections of easy whitewater, especially under a canopy of large Sycamores!