I love selling my photos. Especially larger sized prints. Mainly because I love seeing my photos the way they are intended to be seen – huge.

I’ve done tons of 16×24 prints, and quite a few 20×30 prints. But the one pictured is my first 30×40. I would not have guessed this image to be my first to print so large, mainly because no one has ever bought this image. In fact, I’ve never taken this image to a show and it’s not even in my catalog. But when I showed it to a customer as an alternate waterfall photo it turned out to be the one she wanted. Now that I see it printed, it does look quite good!

For those who are curious, the waterfall in the photo is Natural Falls in NE Oklahoma, from a day trip we took a couple years ago. Its right off highway 412 near the Arkansas state line. It was taken with my beloved 35mm f/1.4 prime. Somehow I was able to handhold it steady enough to get some streaks in the waterfall without severely blurring the image.