There is a spot I frequently drive past on the way to Table Rock Lake that always catches my eye. It’s along MO-76 west of Cape Fair. I’ve tried on numerous occasions to capture a scenic vista from this spot, never with much success.

This past weekend I awoke to some patchy fog, the kind that typically makes for great nature photography. So I took Eily-Beth and we went for an early morning photography drive. This elevation is pretty high along the ridge, and well above the layer of fog so I was unable to get the spectacular fog-in-valley-at-sunrise shot I have been envisioning. Nevertheless, it’s still a nice shot. Note the visible frost, thanks to the record lows around 25 degrees.

On the way home during the late afternoon I stopped near the same spot and took a few more shots.

ozarks-02The same hillside but without the tree in the foreground. I would have liked a better angle with the tree in the shot, but it wasn’t possible to frame it differently without trespassing.

ozarks-04I love this valley. It is just ridiculous.

None of these are probably show worthy, but they are still nice to look at. And a reminder of the scenic beauty right here at home.