Every other year Ian and I climb a mountain and this year is one of those years. We’ve temporarily scaled back our man expedition and will be hitting up the Ozark Trail here in Missouri. Ian and I hiked a short portion of this trail back in college while geocaching and it was splendid, so I am looking forward to seeing more of it.

We’ve chosen to do an out-and-back hike on a portion of the Current River section of the trail, about 30 miles total. We’ll see a number of sights along the way and the “mountain” we will be climbing is Stegall Mountain. At 1,348′ it’s nothing compared to the others we’ve done, but it has some nice views and I’m looking forward to camping on top of it.

Although this won’t be quite as exotic as some of our previous man-trips I’m equally as excited about it. If for no other reason than I’m looking forward to real “backpacking” for the first time and exploring a part of my state that I’m relatively unfamiliar with.