Saturday I went hiking with Matt and my cousin Logan. We decided to try and locate the natural bridge in the Mark Twain Natl Forest. If you read this blog regularly you may remember last winter when Matt and I tried to find this without success. This time I came prepared with gps coordinates and a detailed topo map of the area. The natural bridge has no trails leading to it and there are no signs. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s indicated on some topo maps no one would probably know it existed at all. It seems strange that something so big would be hard to find but in the maze of steep hillsides and trees you really don’t even notice the entrance until you are practically right on top of it. Luckily this time the maps and gps allowed us to find this hidden splendor. Click photos for larger versions…

It’s a lot larger than it looks in the photo.

Note how small Matt is in this photo.

We stopped for a sack lunch inside the cave. Again, this photo makes it look deceptively small.