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For a couple years now I have been trying to get a great lightning shot. Every time a storm comes up I get out my photo equipment and sit and wait, hoping to get lucky. I’ve witnessed LOTS of great lightning but the best lightning always seems to happen while I’m adjusting my camera, or in a different direction, or before I get setup.

Saturday night I noticed some lightning so I once again climbed up on my roof to take some shots. This photo is the first shot I took… good, but it still isn’t the great shot that I know is out there just waiting for me to grab. Plus the camera was zoomed way out so I had to crop about 80% of the frame. After I took this shot I made some adjustments and as I was doing so, “THE” shot happened, but as usual my shutter was not open. Sigh…I feel a bit like the coyote trying to catch the road runner. Nevertheless, the quest for ‘the shot’ carries on.

On a side note, does anyone else think this looks photoshopped? It isn’t. The only thing it’s missing is a cheezy wolf superimposed with some mountains in the background.