This time of year makes me really glad to live in tornado alley. I get such a kick out of crazy wicked storms rolling in, although I could do without the damage like the one a few weeks ago did.

Tonight after work a series of tornado producing storms rolled through the area, which I’m sure most of you are more than aware of. As usual I found a nice spot and set up my camera, hoping to take a few cool storm snapshots… which I did. What I also found was that I could make a very rad animation out of all the images put in sequential order.

Obviously it would be better had I left the camera pointed at the same spot, but taking still photos was my objective and this video time lapse was really more of an afterthought. But still cool nonetheless. Notice the swirling motion of the clouds and the way the wind is blowing the grass in the field into the storm as it approaches.

I took these photos from the roof of my garage with the sound of tornado sires from several distant towns in the background. Fun stuff. I got a couple cool photos, but I’ll post those later.