This past weekend I did some hiking in an area not far from here that I have never visited. It’s called Hercules Glades Wilderness Area and it’s located east of Forsyth in Taney County, MO. The area has about 30 miles of trails and we planned on doing a roughly 7 mile loop but getting lost and a flooded road changed our plans a bit.

Hercules Glade is definitely a place I would like to go back and explore some more!

herc-1The road to the trail head was flooded, adding almost 3 miles round trip. Most of the forest in this area was Red Cedar,.a fairly common tree in Missouri but I can’t recall seeing a forest where they are the dominant species. It smelled very nice!

herc-2Long Creek runs right through the center of the wilderness area.

herc-3By definition a wilderness area cannot contain anything man made, including bridges. So you have to cross streams the old fashioned way.

herc-4Matt, Andy and I on a rock ledge overlooking a deep pool of water. Matt decided to do a canonball into it.

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Long Creek has many areas of rapids.

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Long Creek Falls was probably our favorite feature we saw. It looks much smaller in the photo that it seemed in person!

herc-5We could see more waterfalls downstream but with time running out we decided to turn back at this point.