This year I am going to attempt to take and post a ‘photo of the week’. Considering there are many weeks I don’t have tons of time, they may not all be great or even good, but it should be a fun project nonetheless! Feel free to critique my selections!

To get things started I’ll post this shot I took a couple days ago while taking Eily on her first hike. We went with Grant and Gavin on a short afternoon stroll at Hayes Spring Conservation Area. You may recall, this is the same place I took Emma a couple months ago back in the fall. It was certainly more scenic in fall, but it was also nice even on this mild winter afternoon.

On this outing I was playing around with a 28mm prime lens Grant let me borrow. Here are the settings for the image:

    28mm, 1/60 sec @ f/11, ISO 250
    Sepia effect in Lightroom