pearblossom beesYesterday I was walking aimlessly around my yard because it was nice outside and sometimes I like to do that. My big pear tree is a huge mess of flowers right now and as it typically does, has attracted a huge swarm of bees. Normally I am not a fan of insects, especially when they are of the swarming variety, but in the case of bees on a flowering tree, I rather enjoy it.

I got my camera and tried to take some pics and had some mild success, but the bees wouldn’t stay still long enough to focus on them. I had a cool shot of a bee in midflight, but he was out of focus… I don’t think the pear blossoms have a lot of pollen, so they weren’t spending a lot of time digging around in each flower. At first I was a little afraid of getting stung, but they didn’t seem to notice or care that i was getting all up in their space.

I like the way it feels outside when spring is on it’s way. The air is cool, but the sun is warm. The birds are making noise, and after a long silent winter, it sounds like the world has come to life.