While in Tennessee last month, I got to do a little hiking on my old friend the Appalachian Trail.  I say “old friend” as if I have a lot of experience with the trail, but I have actually only hiked it once before and that was 10 years ago.  But the section I did was a significant section… the northern terminus of the trail up to the top of Katahdin, the highest point in Maine.  I thought this sign was cool because it actually showed the distance to the one other point I had been on the trail.

the at-1

We hiked about a mile and half of the AT but it was extremely cold and windy so we went back to the car. Steph also joined us but I think she was taking the photo. Emma didn’t realize the significance of this trail over other trails we had hiked but she enjoyed it nonetheless.  I am not sure why I was fully decked out with backpacking gear. I guess I was pretending to hike back to Maine

the at-2

So here is a much younger me eating a Kit-Kat atop Katahdin the point referenced in the first photo, which to this day remains among my all-time favorite hikes. Also the only one where it was considerably more difficult to get down than it was to get up.

the at-3

This is the view Ian and I enjoyed while eating lunch on the summit, looking back at the “Knife Edge” trail. Katahdin is much more exposed and craggy than most mountains typically found in the east.  And though it’s not as tall as some of the peaks of the Smokies (none of which exceed the tree line), this mountain extends well above the tree line by maybe 2,000′.  So there are expansive views to be had during a lot of the hike.

Maybe the next time I’m up there Emma will be with me and she too can take a photo at the opposite end of the Appalachian Trail!